Wrestling Strategies


Being a good stand–up wrestler is not an easy task. There are various principles needed if you want to be one. It primarily starts on your feet. Getting to know the right positions is imperative as far as wrestling is concerned. You are required to be in a sound state so that you be in a position to adopt the effective and efficient wrestling principles.

These principles are the postures and positions needed to defeat your opponent practically. Having a real mastery of these postures and positions will assist you in anticipating the movements of your opponent and prepare accordingly for his attacks.

Be on your feet

In wrestling, being on your feet means you are required to havdffgegqwrwqe your chin tucked, elbows in, lead leg forward, and knees bent. Also, make sure that your arms are close as possible to the body. This helps in protecting yourself from being grabbed onto your arms by the opponent. In case your arms are seized, the opponent takes control over you. Also caring for the opponent not to dangle on your front or your sides. Let your opponent struggle for it.

Always wait for your opponent make a move of grabbing you by extending his arms. Waiting for the opponent to extend the arms leaves him open for attack. This is the right opportunity for you to attack him.

Saddle your opponents weight

Once ykvlfudjou are inside the mule, your opponent becomes your mule. You should, therefore,
let the opponent carry your weight. You should be in control so as to
hook your opponent. Always anticipate his moves and respond swiftly. This is how you win the fight.

Concentrate your eyes on your opponent

As far as wrestling is concerned, the rule of the thumb is that you should never look down! Also, never look towards the floor. Your body should always follow the opponent wherever he goes. You are also advised to avoid exposing your throat by looking up. Quick thinking is also another requirement for stand up wrestling.

You are also required to know how to mess up with the head of your opponent. This would help to win the fight. Try as much as possible to pull the head of your opponent in different directions. This will trigger the opponent to react as he looses focus and stability. A strong neck is therefore required to avoid any manipulation on your head. Neck exercises help a lot in strengthening the neck muscles.